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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 01:08 PM 5/18/2021, Don Mauck wrote:
Another thing that gets over looked is that you are dealing with
different disabilities besides just low vision. Cognitive issues being
a prime example. That takes some understanding in how to write
messages or instructions.
That's very true, Don. However, as disabled people, we need to know what we need and how to ask for it, rather than assume that others are supposed to know and deliver it to us piping hot on silver platters. If someone is rattling off instructions such as, "click on the mixer icon and drag the dial to the desired track," I have to look out for my own needs and say, "Hold up, back up. That icon is probably unlabeled. Is it near any standard control to which I could navigate? Is there any alternative to dragging that dial? Do the arrows move it?"
So, if a cognitively-challenged person doesn't understand a portion of provided instructions, they have to step up and say/write, "I don't understand that. Please clarify," or even: "This makes no sense; can I call you and be walked through this?" Very likely, someone will be willing to do that, especially during these gradually reopening times. I sure am willing to help people by phone or audio/video chat, which is often more meaningful than email or text.

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