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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 01:04 PM 5/18/2021, Brian Vogel wrote:
It is very difficult to get those who don't use screen readers to
actually separate the concepts of "gain focus on" and "select" and
"activate" because a single click on something gains you focus on it
and selects it at a minimum. And in the case of doing so on a link,
it does all three at one time. You most often get a sense of whether
activation is involved as an atomic element of that click based on
what the following instruction states. If it's something like, "Now,
in the dialog that appears . . .," you can pretty much assume that a
point and click instruction is an instance where all three actions
were rolled into one single click.
Very well put. We should also assume that we'll handle selection using cursoring keys: arrows, tab, shift+tab, etc. So, even if those keys are never mentioned in instructions, we should try them all until we actually move where we need to be.

Another of my "things" is emphasizing that you (any you) must read
through an instruction set completely before even setting out with the
first one, and not just in computing. My own partner drives me
insane because he doesn't do this routinely, and I can't count the
number of times, when cooking, there's a big oso because an
ingredient not mentioned in the ingredient list (it happens) isn't in
the house or he skips something because he never read it through first
and was in a rush.
Well, a recipe ingredient list should be completely comprehensive, even if it indicates things such as "salt and pepper to taste" at the end.

There are too many potential pitfalls in any
complex instruction set, even those in step-by-step format, for it to
be a good idea to start and hope you make it through unscathed without
ever having read them first.

Better still, we need to move away from step-by-step instructions because steps may vary considerably between user configurations and *definitely* between Windows editions. just try to navigate to the Advanced tab under Users and Groups in Windows Home. Not there!
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