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Orlando Enrique Fiol

Sorry, darlin', but you're not buying the definition most commonly
used for a word doesn't change the fact that it is its definition.
Sorry, sweet cheeks, but thousands of English words have developed imprecise usages over time, acknowledged by reputable dictionaries.

keystroke on ( )
You're very simply not only being idiosyncratic, you're actually
factually incorrect and muddying the waters. Your opinion does not
matter when it comes to commonly accepted definitions (and I hasten to
add, nor does mine). People use words as they're commonly defined to
communicate shared meaning. You don't get to pick your own.

Au contraire, mon frère. As a life-long pianist/keyboardist, the difference between stroking and pressing means silence or sound, full versus empty pockets. It ain't my fault that folks have conflated two verbs, press and stroke. That conflation doesn't become physiologically precise by fiat.
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