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James Homuth

I think it depends very much on the JAWS user. For example, take the
notifications of new emails that JAWS reads out. Useful? Sure. Useful to me?
Absolutely not. So away they go. I have JAWS not speaking some controls for
exactly the same reason. If I really need to find a specific control type,
the hotkeys for navigating between controls still work.

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At 08:14 PM 5/17/2021, Larry Wayland wrote:
>Why do we even have these forms if every time someone ask a question
they are told to go search on the Internet?
>Maybe some people like the contact with other people. Nothing wrong
with that. There is one person on here, and he is either on or has >been
on other forms who can't answer a question without belittling >everyone.
Too bad too because he is very knowledgeable. Why not just >answer the
question and go on and don't worry about all the other stuff.

I know the person in question and have privately advised him that the delete
key would introduce unparalleled efficiency into his work flow, plus
decrease his annoyance level. That said, there's no sanitized way to say
this: Most of us veteran computer users can tell when someone is asking an
elementary question because they're truly struggling and feel hopelessly
lost, versus someone who's just using these lists as online search
alternatives because they're just plain lazy.
Folks, any question covered in JAWS' documentation need not be asked on
these lists at least once a week. If yall can read with speech and Braille
enough to interact here, you can read JAWS' documentation. If not, there are
mp3 tutorials. There's no dearth of basic-to-advanced help for using JAWS,
put out by Vispero itself.
All this said, the Socratic method of question&answer dialogue is apparent
when folks post questions, get answers, then ask for clarification because
they don't understand a concept taken for granted by the person providing
instructions. That kind of interaction isn't possible with online searches,
unless one poses questions on forums.
But when someone asks, say, how to stop JAWS from announcing new mail
arrivals in Outlook, gets precise instructions about Outlook settings and
Windows notification settings, then disappears, we can safely assume they
were never interested in "human interaction" or Socratic dialogue. They were
just using us as human resources, with complete disregard for our names,
ages, backgrounds or--most important-our time.
While on this subject of silencing screen reader information, this is
unfortunately a very frequent topic posted on these lists; people are always
looking for wars to shut JAWS up. Folks, the purpose of a screen reader is
to provide us information as it changes in our open windows. A screen reader
is not a mere reading machine; using it in this way is not worth JAWS'
ridiculously high price. Part of why yall ask such simple questions over and
over is that you turn off JAWS speaking information that would help you
navigate independently. I'll never understand, for instance, why any blind
user would want to turn off control information and not know whether they're
in a list box, on a track bar, at a radio button, etc. If the verbiage
annoys, we have speech and sound schemes where you can assign sounds to
every supported control type and state. So, if you don't want to hear JAWS
say "Check box, checked," you can assign a check box sound, then another
pair of sounds to represent checked and unchecked states.
That's infinitely superior to not knowing what kind of friggin control
you're on, or whether you're on a control at all.
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