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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 02:05 AM 5/18/2021, David Diamond wrote:
Tyler, I entirely agree. Let’s just do away with all groups and
list and just look everything up on the Internet where anyone and
their dog can post their dogma. Your blind? What’s a matter with
you, why cannot you understand to just click the yellow X at the top
of the screen, or click on this. I made this video for all to
understand how … works. Said with tong firmly planted in my cheek.

As yall know from my previous posts, I'm all about blind-inclusive language when providing explanations and instructions. However, let's not short-change ourselves into believing that any sighted instructions referring to points and icon clicks are irrelevant to us. If I hear, "Click the X on the top left of the screen," the only confounding part is the X, which is probably an unlabeled graphic. Otherwise, I sure know how to get to the screen's top left quadrant and activate any element I find there. Folks, "click" in sightling means "activate" in blindling. It means press space, enter, a simulated mouse key click or the physical mouse to activate an element. No one should feel irreparably lost or left out when they hear instructions involving clicks. As for drag&drop, the JAWS hotkey for that is control+insert+numpad-slash. But it can be reassigned to anything you want, as can all 1250 or so JAWS hotkeys.
And, before I sign off, here's your friendly reminder that, no matter what everyone around you says, keys are not stroked; they're pressed or depressed. No amount of keystrokes will make anything happen on any device until you actually press keys. Stroking them might make you feel good, but it won't get 'er done.
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