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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 07:53 PM 5/17/2021, Tyler Wood wrote:
The Internet is a vast and enormous place. It's high time in 2021 we
started using the resources available to us to search for information.
This isn't preaching, this should be common practice. Ignorance in
doing ones own google search at this juncture is simply astounding to
me. If a google search does not yield the results, then perhaps a post
is warranted. I rarely see 'I did a google search or searched the
archives' for common questions.

There's a fundamental difference between the necessity to perform independent web searches and the often condescending attitude with which this advice is so frequently delivered. Tact goes a long way in such matters.
On one hand, many newly-blind and elderly users are simply too overwhelmed by screen reading and text-to-speech technologies to begin with, especially if they didn't use computers before losing their sight or in their younger decades.
On the other, when people repeatedly ask the same elementary questions, valuable time is taken to answer them, time that could be better spent discussing more involved and perplexing issues.
For instance, I have found, to my immense dismay, that, when posting comments on Quora, if I stop typing and navigate by character, word or line, JAWS not only takes me out of forms mode, it also brings me to the top of the page. This shouldn't be happening, since Quora's edit fields are standard.
Until a few days ago, I was having an issue on both desktop and laptop where, upon startup, JAWS would announce itself after loading, then go silent, as though it had closed. But, it never was closed; entering the JAWS menu and reselecting my desired sound card resumed speech. This is entirely absurd, since, when no device is selected, JAWS uses the default audio device. Besides, my desired sound card had been previously selected and presumably saved in JAWS' configuration files.
Now folks, how are we supposed to answer questions like these if we're always telling people how to turn off punctuation, invoke the touch cursor, enter/exit forms mode, increase/decrease speech rate, etc.?
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