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Richard Turner

No, it would take a braille embosser to do braille labels.

So these are labels that are about 4 by 5 inches,?  Do you happen to know the label number?  Avery labels all have unique names/numbers so it would be good to know which labels go with that printer, or even the printer model so one could find it if one chose to.





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No, you insert a roll of address labels into the Dymo printer, which is probably about 6 inches tall by six or seven inches long and connects via USB to the computer.

The way I have been using it is to select the address, paste it into a blank Word page, press alt and arrow along to Dymo, hit enter and then print, but at the moment Jaws is being a bit stubborn about reading the menu options in the Dymo Tab but I have learnt how to overcome this by counting the number of times to tab.

It then prints the label, which I tear off at the serrated edge.

The labels are self-adhesive and ideal for putting on envelopes, packages etc. But it is not a braille labeller.


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