moderated Re: My gripe about all the griping


On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 10:14 AM, David Diamond wrote:
I just hit the delete key when this topic comes up.
Or, for the love of heaven, just use the Mute this topic link.  It's at the bottom of every message you (the generic you) receive for a reason.

For those who prefer to delete messages, have at it, but the endless plaints about, "Why don't you stop this topic?!!," need to stop because you, the end user, can actually stop any of them that you don't want to see with the activation of the Mute this topic link at the end of every blessed message that lands in your inbox from

It's not up to others to cease and desist talking about something that doesn't interest you when you have an "off button" at your personal disposal.  Use it.

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