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Hi, is this MS  Narrator   braille  accessible?




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Subject: Thanks for the discussion about Narrator Keyboard commands


Hello all,

Thanks for the discussion about Narrator keyboard commands.

It inspired me to create an Excel Workbook of the Narrator commands that I already had in Word, for myself and on my web site.

I learned a lot about Excel over the last couple of days, and have tons more to learn.

But, for now, on my web site is a link to the excel workbook.

There is a couple of paragraphs before the link that I recommend reading before downloading the Workbook.

Thanks to all this, I now know how to create a hyperlink within a workbook to serve as a Table of contents of sorts.

The narrator stuff is in the heading I called “Windows Related Items”.

Windows Related Items is at heading level 1 and the information within that section is at heading level 2.





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