moderated Re: JAWS And Microsoft Office 365 Spellings

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Steven, 

The sound JAWS is playing indicates that Word already has changed a word. If you are not a fast writer you can press Control+Z immediately after hearing that sound so Word will undo the last change. But if you are a quick writer you surely have written some chars or words. If you have written some chars Control+Z will undo your last written text not the autocorrect entry. 

The problem here is: JAWS uses UIA, Microsofts Accessibility Framework, to get informed if a change took place. UIA stores the word being changed in a variable. JAWS theoretical could speak the word and inform you about it but most of the writers are so fast that the next keystroke would stop JAWS from speaking this. 

If this is very important to you to know what word has changed one could write a JAWS script to store the changes in a variable. By pressing a key assigned to the script JAWS could speak the stored variable. 

All the best

Am 16.05.2021 um 16:28 schrieb Steven Hicks <hickser@...>:

Hi friends,
Can anyone just confirm how this works please, when I am typing and I make an error, there is a sound to indicate it, if there is an auto correct option how would I review that and accept it if it is the one I would like please?

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