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On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 12:20 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
I enjoy putting such information into a more user friendly document and making it available so everyone isn’t having to reinvent the wheel.

         Just FYI, the criticism is about the endless repetition of questions that have been asked untold numbers of times in this group, already, as well as having the answers readily available "straight from the horse's mouth" after doing a 2-second web search.

          Your formatting these things into a more easily screen-reader-user friendly format is a kindness, and not subject to any criticism from me.

          I still decry the fact that on almost every blind-tech related group I frequent that it's considered A-OK by far too many to treat them as their own personal Q&A group for commonly available information.  Messages, including this one, on this group, will land in over one thousand inboxes.  It's actually rude and lazy to ask for any Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts list by bugging over a thousand people for something one can, and should, locate independently in less time than it takes to send a message.

           And I'll get plenty of private messages after this one either agreeing wholeheartedly with me, or calling me "mean" for speaking the plain truth.  I wish those who send me the former would speak up in public, and the latter I ignore.  We're all adults here, and the basic rules of netiquette apply to all of us, and a huge one of those when it comes to a mailing list is not asking "simple questions" that you (the generic you) absolutely know have been answered literally thousands of times on thousands of venues and where finding those answers independently is dirt simple.

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