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Richard Turner

Brian, of course, you are correct.


However, having them in an easy to read file with a screen reader is far superior to having to deal with a web site and such when you can simply open a document/spreadsheet and have it for reference while you are using Edge.


Much cleaner and more direct for screen reader users.


I enjoy putting such information into a more user friendly document and making it available so everyone isn’t having to reinvent the wheel.


Just my 2¢ worth.





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Every time I see a query such as this it makes me wonder why.  Microsoft is about as rock-solid consistent about documenting keyboard shortcuts for every product they release, and keeping those up to date.

Every blessed one of these web searches on "Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts" turns up Microsoft's very own page for same as the first item in most of them, or at the top of their actual web search results if they show ads or "featured items" first.  And it's always accurate, comprehensive, and up to date: 

The most direct route to keyboard shortcuts for any Microsoft program is a web search on Microsoft, the program name, and keyboard shortcuts.

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