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Mike B.

If I'm not understanding this thread correctly please forgive me, but if she doesn't have the setting, leave a copy on the server, turned on or set then once a message goes to her phone there isn't a copy left on the server to be retrieved by her computers email client.
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She is receiving gmail on her phone, just not on
the computer.  Are there filters that could be holding the new mail?
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>You could send something to the address and then check the web interface.
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>If the web interface is showing nothing since
>4/17, then there's nothing since 4/17, and
>definitely nothing an e-mail client could pick up for download.
>If the owner is virtually certain that this
>simply cannot be (and I have to believe it
>cannot be under any typical circumstances), then
>contacting Google tech support is the only
>option I can suggest.  And if they're blind, go
>the disability route, as it's easier to get a human being:
>Accessibility Get In Touch Page
>the Google Disability Support Team
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