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but there is a Reply To Sender link right under the Reply To Group link in this group's sig. but I've always used control+r since I use Thunderbird. I think it's similar if not the same if I were to use Outlook or any other email client.

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Date: Friday, May 14, 2021, 8:06 PM
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Hi all

There used to be a JAWS keystroke which allowed you to do it. I've never
seen a reply to sender link at the end of emails, though I've look for
it. There is a 'reply to group' but not 'reply to sender'. I wish there was.



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Control+r just replies to the group unless the group happens to be set
to reply to sender, which very few groups I’ve ever belonged to were set
that way.

As Brian says in another message, if it is a group with, at
the bottom of every message is a link to reply to sender, rather than
the group.

Otherwise it is a lot of fiddling with the from or reply fields to
figure out the person’s direct email.


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ControlR, should do it

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Hi all

Would someone please refresh my memory of the JAWS keystroke to reply to
a list sender only instead of the list. One of the lists to which I
belong is somewhat strict about replying off-list when acknowledging
emails (to which I happen to agree) but I can't find the relevant keystroke.



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