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Alan Robbins


I have this same problem on a daily basis. Let me explain. I am using
windows 2004, latest version of JAWS, and Microsoft 365. I have 3 Gmail
accounts in Outlook. My main one is the problem. If I open Outlook to that
inbox, I get nothing. It can sit there for hours. I go to the other 2
inboxes and my mail is there no problem. All 3 inboxes populate properly on
my iPhone as well. Even if I do a download command while in my primary inbox
it will not get the mail. Only workarounds I've found is to go back and
forth a few times to the other inboxes and then it will finally get the
mail. Or, what I found lately by accident is to go to one of my other
inboxes, copy a message, then go to my primary inbox and paste the message.
At that point, my mail is instantly downloaded. I have gone into option and
all inboxes are part of the full send/receive groups. I am baffled by this.
Hope something in here helps.


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My student's gmail account has received no mail since mid-April. Is there a
'get mail' command? Is there a setting somewhere that might have been
changed and needs to be changed back?


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