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I can only recommend, I switched away from my email address over 10 years ago and initially set up sieghard@... and sieghard@... since that was before the domain was even available. I still us sieghard@... for email lists, but as soon as became available I registered sieghard@... as well and use it as my primary personal email. Of course ithelps that I have not a very common first name although in Germany there are quite a few Sieghard's around as well.


In any case, you can go directly to and register your email and it will tell you if it's available, but there are also name checker sites available. A quick Google search gave me this one:


Best Outlook user name availability checker - Nametool


Here you have an edit field where you are asked to "Type Outlook User Name", this would be just what you want in  front of and then activate the "Test User Name button.

Once you do this it displays the result. I don't know if "Glenn Ervin" which you currently have in your email address is the name you want to use, but if it is then that is available, here is the main content of that website (how much is it worth to you, maybe I should just register it now and then I can sell it to you 🤣:


Our free Outlook username availability Checker Tool allows you to check your username for availability in Outlook. It will instantly check and show you whether the username is available for registration or not. A quick and easy way to find a suitable username for your purposes.Type only letters, numbers, periods (.), and underscores(_), between 1 to 60 characters, then press Enter and you will immediately see the result.

Check Yahoo UsernamesCheck Hotmail UsernamesCheck Gmail Usernames

Top of Form


Bottom of Form






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My ISP will soon be discontinuing eMail service, and although I think that is a mistake on their part, because my eMail account has been the only thing tying me to them, I'm never the less going to have to get a new eMail provider, probably

But before I definitely go that route, I want to know how someone gets an eMail address like first@..., or another extension.

Hoping I can do this fairly easily.


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