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Soronel Haetir

I am used to providing the competence personally. As long as someone
can recognize selected text that is usually enough.

On 5/13/21, Edward Green <> wrote:
I’ve found from bitter experience that the competence of the local
sightling is a relevant consideration …

At least there's a certain level of competence with the Microsoft solution.

Obvious a tech savvy local person is optimal.



On 13 May 2021 21:40:22 "Soronel Haetir" <> wrote:

Even better if you can enlist the aid of a local seeing-eye human.
Thankfully needing to go into the BIOS settings has become a much
rarer thing than in the past.

On 5/13/21, Edward Green <> wrote:
Hi Marianne,

I use my smartphone to call Microsoft Disability Answer Desk by Be My

and point my phone at the computer screen while they help me manipulate

Strictly speaking the bios is the domain of the computer manufacturer
rather than Microsoft, but I haven’t had an Answer Desk agent refuse to

It goes without saying that I have to point my phone at the screen
they can’t remote on and access the bios.



On 13 May 2021 21:31:07 "Marianne Denning" <>

Sadly, I can't use JAWS when I need to go into the BIOS. Can someone
how they interact with it without a screen reader?

Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir

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