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Marianne Denning

I thought somebody might have figured out a way to walk by faith. Thank you for your help. Sadly, every time there is a Windows update my Acer computer reverts back to the function keys the way they were originally and I have to go into the bios to fix it. This is happening to me about once a week at this time. It is getting ridiculous and I am extremely frustrated. I have used my husband and I also use a IRA.

On May 13, 2021, at 4:35 PM, Edward Green <ergreen1981@...> wrote:

Hi Marianne,

I use my smartphone to call Microsoft Disability Answer Desk by Be My Eyes, and point my phone at the computer screen while they help me manipulate it.

Strictly speaking the bios is the domain of the computer manufacturer rather than Microsoft, but I haven’t had an Answer Desk agent refuse to help.

It goes without saying that I have to point my phone at the screen because they can’t remote on and access the bios.



On 13 May 2021 21:31:07 "Marianne Denning" <marianne@...> wrote:

Sadly, I can’t use JAWS when I need to go into the BIOS. Can someone explain how they interact with it without a screen reader?

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