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Glenn / Lenny

Hi John,
Have you tried holding down the alt key and tabbing until you get to that window?
Also, when you have plugged in a drive and you get this message, it's okay to ignore it, that is just a canned message from windows because it recognizes that drive as one that you pulled out previously without ejecting it first.
If you didn't just write a bunch of files to it and quickly pull it out, you don't need to eject it first and you can ignore that message.
I have had the argument with others on this list who are scared to remove a drive without ejecting it first, but if there is no chance that windows is still writing to it, you can just pull a drive and when that message pops up next time, and just press escape to close it.
I never eject my drives, for thousands and thousands of times, and I have never lost data from doing it.

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Subject: Notification from jaws that there's a problem with an external drive

Good morning: I’m using Jaws with Windows 10, when I plug in a flash drive I get a message that "there's a problem with this drive, Scan the drive and fix it." However, I can't get to the place where I can fix it. How can I get to "scan and fix it?"


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Hi Craig,


Does this Simian software have it's own clock?  It sounds like Jaws is capturing another clock since it only does this with the Simian software.  If you open the Settings Center with the Simian software running maybe you can suppress the time announcement by turning off progress bar updates or something.


You could also try switching your speech and sound scheme for this software with the, Insert, Alt + S, keystroke.  Invoke this keystroke with the Simian software running to open your list of speech and sound schemes and try them 1 by 1 to see which might work best for this situation.  The speech and sound schemes can be modified as well.



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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From: Craig Cooper

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Subject: Stopping JAWS from reading flashing clock


I am using JAWS 2019 with Windows 7.  I do some work for a local radio
station, using their Simian broadcast software.  JAWS continuously
reads the updated time on the flashing clock, updating every second,
which prevents me from being able to read the log.  I have tried
cycling through the read modes with insert S.  However, even in
highlighted only mode, it continues to read the updating time, even
though the current song is the only highlighted text.
Any ideas for getting JAWS to stop announcing the updating time?
Thank you very much.
Craig Cooper

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