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Can you be more specific? Is this in File Explorer? Just as an example, in File Explorer if you want to select three files which are one underneath another you hold the shift key and press down arrow until they are selected. However, if you want to select file 1 and 3, you go to the first file, then hold the control key and arrow down twice to the third file, then you can either let go of control and press spacebar to select file 3 or you can continue holding the control key and press space. If all you want to do is to select two files you can let go and press spacebar, if you plan to select more files after selecting the second file you may as well continue holding it, but deven if you do let go and select file 2 by pressing the spacebar, you can always hold control again and arrow to more files to select them, the first two files will remain selected. The point is that unlike when holding shift and arrowing which also selects the files, with control you typically have to press the spacebar to select the files after you get there.


From: <> On Behalf Of James Benstead
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 10:24 AM
Subject: Multi select list box not allowing multiple selections


I'm having problems with an installation of JAWS 2020 that doesn't seem to be managing multi select list boxes properly. It lets me select multiple items by using shift and the arrow keys, but if I try to do the same by using control it doesn't work: when I hold down control and then press the arrow keys nothing happens. I've tried the numpad arrow keys and the regular arrow keys.


Any ideas what's going on here?





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