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Udo Egner-Walter

Hi all, 

Maximizing the window is always a good idea, for example pressing Windows+Uparrow. 

Another thing I would try is to activate the alternate user mode. By using this mode you disable all settings you made yourself and using only standard settings. This is to find out if a JAWS setting is responsible for this. In German version of JAWS the key to turn on and off this mode is pressing JAWS+Space and then Z (may be in English versions this could be Y instead, I don't know, sorry) 

By the way, in the first email to this subject it was said that the text is on screen but the screenreader couldn't speak the text whereas the reported Outlook bug from Microsoft is about seeing not text on screen for people with eyesight so maybe this are different problems. 

Good luck

Am 12.05.2021 um 13:02 schrieb Lori Lynn <grandma.lori@...>:

I’m not certain that this will resolve your issue, but thought I’d toss it out to try. I’ve had something similar happen. I would open a document that I knew had text in it and JAWS read nothing as if it was blank. When I checked I found the document was not maximized. Once I changed that everything worked fine.
Good Luck
Lori Lynn
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