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Al Sorrentino

Hi Everyone,


Hopefully, I just received a fix for this problem from Debi Chatfield, a very good friend.  Let’s hope it works for all?



Can you pass the below info to the list? Thanks!


Here is a fix for the issue of not being able to arrow up or down within an email. I just tried this, and it works great!


  1. Highlight Outlook on your desktop.
  2. Press your applications key.
  3. Arrow down to Properties.
  4. Press enter.
  5. You will land on “Target”. Go to the end of that file path.
  6. After the Quote symbol, press the space bar.
  7. Type forward slash (/)
  8. Type nopreview (no spaces)
  9. Should look like this: ------” /nopreview
  10. Tab to the okay button.
  11. Press enter.





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Subject: Re: Interesting Phenomena


This is almost certainly about a major Outlook outage secondary to a bug released today: Microsoft Outlook bug prevents viewing or creating email worldwide

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