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Marty Hutchings

Thanks for all of your suggestions.  I have solved this by going into Word and unchecking the boxes in Options Trust Center Protected view.

Marty Hutchings

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On 5/11/2021 6:47 PM, Ron Pelletier wrote:
Hi Marty,

To read attachments, the JAWS keystroke is insert a. Place yourself on the document you want and hit alt down arrow to pull down the menu of what you can do with the attachment. You can open it, print it, save all attachments and so on.
To read a document in protected view, the standard is to press F6 and arrow down to allow editing and hit enter.

Ron & Danvers

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I am using JAWS 21 with Windows 10 and Thunderbird email. How can I get JAWS to read attachments and downloaded documents that come down in protected view?



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