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Still works perfectly fine on both my Windows 10 computers. In my case, I
use the portable version (3.21)that I have saved in my Google Drive account
so I can maintain synchronicity across both machines. How useable/navigable
a book or PDF or document will largely depend on how the document was
created/formatted to begin with. All my Bookshare downloads for example are
in ePub format and while some books are nicely marked up, there are still
some that don’t' have page numbering.
It may be that Acrobat Reader DC works better with PDFs, but I'm still
partial to QRead simply because it can handle all sorts of formats and
minimizes the number of programs I have to use and learn how to use.
It would be nice to have the ability to highlight passages or make notes,
but as others have mentioned, it seems that QRead development has stopped.
Not a deal breaker though. Truthfully, it's pretty complete for what it's
meant for already.
Still a good little ebook reading program in my opinion.

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I agree. I think it was $35 when I bought it a few years ago, and I believe
it definitely has been worth the money. At the time I bought it, I think I
was still using Windows 7, and was having more issues reading PDFs than I do

Personally, I have never found a need for more support on this product.

I am glad they developed the product and do not feel that if a developer
moves on to something else, that they started out with the idea to rip off
blind people, as I seem to hear more often than I would like.


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And if a person moves on to other things, he moves on to other things.
The program is out there if people want it as is.
It's a good program, and people have the choice as to whether or not to
purchase it.
I guess he could take it down because he isn't supporting it anymore.
Then we wouldn't have it at all.

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It is not the charge ones are objecting too, it is the non-support and no
updates one gets or in the case of updates, doesn't get that is the
problem. I guess it is the old, "What do you expect for $10?" In these
times, if you charge for an app, you are reasonably expected to provide
updates. Even a low cost app years ago, after a few years, provided an
updated version to keep up with the changing software.

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It's still out there. I've never been charged more than once even though I
tried to purchase it for other computers. A message would come up that I
already had a license so could just download it.
But the last time I tried was a couple years ago. I kept the downloaded file
in case I needed it again, but I don't know if it would work again.
But it works fine on my two machines where it is installed.
The person who used to write that program is no longer working on those now
I guess. But the money spent was more than well worth it, and I would have
paid ten times that much for that program gladly.

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Q-read? Is it still out there? I thought the developer took their money
years ago and ran. Half grin. Seriously, I got the Q-cast years ago and
after about 2 years of trying to get support with no results or
acknowledgement of my queries , I opted for another program. I never did
use Q-reader as I was told Fire fox was just as good and at least it got
updated regularly. . For all I know the developers of all the Q-programs
are sitting on some island enjoying their monetary gain they got from the
... blind, laughing at them. Just so you know, I'm not the only one who got
non-support from the developers of the Q-programs. Several others got the
same disgraceful results.

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I am currently exploring QRead, I have Jaws 2021 on a Windows 10 machine.
Here are a couple of questions:

First, what advantages, in your view, does QRead have over Acrobat Reader
DC, for reading PDFs? Does it avoid the problem of words running together
and JAWS losing focus?

Second, how can one find out the page number of one's current location and
get to a specific page number in QRead?

Third, is there a way to access bookmarks made in a PDF, via QRead?

I had rejected it earlier, since it did not allow para-wise navigation with
JAWS. However, that seems doable with the demo I downloaded today.


Rahul Bajaj
Judicial Law Clerk to Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Supreme Court of India
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018) University of Oxford

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