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JM Casey

Miranda is indeed a cross-platform all purpose messaging/chat programme.
It's actually been around for a really long time -- I remember trying to use
it in the early 2000s when it allowed one to simultaneously connect to and
use IRC, MSN, AIM and ICQ. I knew a couple of blind people, at least, who
were using it, so it wasn't beyond possibility, but I was never patient
enough to get it working. Interesting that it's still around...

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Hi all. After receiving a few confirmations that others of you are
experiencing the same chronic misspellings with JAWS and Facebook's
Messenger app, both downloaded from Microsoft's store and on Facebook's
mobile site, someone suggested what I thought I heard as Google Miranda.
Searches revealed no Google Miranda, but rather an open-source
cross-messaging platform that hasn't even reached version 1. I downloaded
and installed this thing, but found no special accessible contacts or other
accessibility options during the install process.
Furthermore, when I run this Miranda, I only get a combo box for selecting
two drivers and a mysterious edit field into which I'm supposed to type some
information to create a user profile. Since the edit field has no field
data, I haven't a clue what kind of information is required: a username,
email address, real name, etc.
Something tells me, this is not the Miranda to which the original poster
referred. What gives? If Jed, who I believe sent me down this Miranda rabbit
hole, is reading this, please reply either here or privately.

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