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Chris Nestrud

QRead depends on the text that it can extract from the files that you're
trying to read, so it depends on how the PDF was created. In my opinion
the best experience would be to use ABBYY PDF 15 to convert your PDFs to
use proper tagging and OCR if needed, then use QRead to navigate, save
bookmarks, keep your place when you re-open the program, etc. Also, you
can jump to a page in QRead with ctrl+p. Other shortcuts are in the
Navigation menu. It's possible that having ABBYY PDF convert everything
to epub might result in a better QRead experience than using pdf, I'm
not sure.


On Sun, May 09, 2021 at 11:41:43AM +0530, Rahul Bajaj wrote:

I am currently exploring QRead, I have Jaws 2021 on a Windows 10
machine. Here are a couple of questions:

First, what advantages, in your view, does QRead have over Acrobat
Reader DC, for reading PDFs? Does it avoid the problem of words
running together and JAWS losing focus?

Second, how can one find out the page number of one's current location
and get to a specific page number in QRead?

Third, is there a way to access bookmarks made in a PDF, via QRead?

I had rejected it earlier, since it did not allow para-wise navigation
with JAWS. However, that seems doable with the demo I downloaded


Rahul Bajaj
Judicial Law Clerk to Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Supreme Court of India
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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