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Mike B.

Hi Richard,
I've never messed around with these settings since I've never had any problems whith sighted people knowing where I'm at.
Go to Settings Center, Insert + 6, then Settings Center default all applications, Control, shift + D.
Now find the, Visual Tracking, folder #25 of 27 and open this folder.
Down arrow to, Visual Settings, and open this subfolder to see the settings, and let the fun begin!  LOL 
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Mike, in reading the info from the FS cast, it talks about adjusting the box that is around the virtual cursor, I’m not finding any settings like that.

Any ideas?


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           Thanks.  I'll have to get the 40-minute version of the latest JAWS and try that.  I was in "the area of those settings" but no matter what I tried yesterday I could not get that visual indicator to come up.

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