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Mike B.

Good morning Brian,
See if the notes below help:
Tracking JAWS user by sighted onlooker.
FSCast, January 2020. Eric. The two things I want to talk about, first is we’ve redone how we highlight information in HTML. So as you’re reading through
a web page, we always try and put a visual indicator on the page at where you are. So if you’ve got somebody leaning over your shoulder that’s sighted,
looking at your screen, they should be able to keep track of where you’re reading. That’s very helpful, and we’ve been using like a transparent green box
when you’re running with JAWS. in ZoomText and Fusion it would be a red box around the area that’s being read.
ZoomText does a good job with how they track, but of course they’re not tracking with a virtual cursor. JAWS and Fusion have been tracking with a virtual
cursor, and that’s when things can get a little wonky, when you’re arrowing down through a web page. Sometimes the highlight would disappear.  Sometimes
it wouldn’t be quite clear what you’re really reading, considering where the highlight is. that’s greatly improved, and it’s all the same now, whether
you’re running ZoomText, JAWS, or Fusion. It’s the red box.
in the Settings Center there are places where you can make adjustments to it. You can make it bigger, darker, more transparent.  you can change the colors.
You can make it a block that goes over everything, if that’s more helpful. And you’ll see it when you move on to things like a list of items on a web page.
So if you had a list of seven links, when it says “list of seven items,” the box will be around all seven items. as you move into the list, it’ll highlight
each individual item as you move through it.
when you do a “say all,” this box tracks along as you’re reading by word. But when you’re moving with a DOWN ARROW, we try and put the box around the virtual
line or the text contained in the virtual line, which sometimes carries over one or two lines. So sometimes the box is going around several lines of text,
and you’re reading inside that somewhere. But it's a great improvement.
From: Brad Snyder
To turn on this feature, do the following:
1.  Open JAWS Settings Center using Insert + NumberRow 6.
2.  Press CTRL + Shift + D, to open Default Settings for All Apps.
3.  Type Cursor into the search edit box.
4.  Press the down arrow until you get to Highlight Virtual PC Cursor, and press the Spacebar to check the box.
5.  Press the Tab key twice to the OK button, then press the Spacebar to save changes and exit the dialog.
 Brad -
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hello All,

I was working with a JAWS user remotely this evening and, as is typical, JAWS was not set up by default to highlight on screen the equivalent of where JAWS has focus in the Virtual Cursor.  I went in to Visual settings, but still couldn't make what happens with NVDA's Focus Highlight, or similar, happen in JAWS 2021.

It could be that JAWS must be restarted, but it did not give me any indication of that when I tweaked several settings.  For those of us who have sight, this sort of feature is a godsend when assisting, and particularly if we're doing so remotely and cannot actually hear JAWS at all well during the process.  There's no issue when I'm doing the pointing and clicking, but if I want the person I'm assisting to try something out, it really helps me to be able to see exactly where they are and what has focus.

Any guidance is appreciated.  (And let me tell you hiding these settings under "Utilities" in the JAWS menu structure made no sense to me!)

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