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Dani Pagador

Just for clarification, you're suggesting buying a new version of
JFW2021 and going with either the 1, 3, or 5-year subscription option?


On 5/7/21, Cornelius <> wrote:
Also your friend has to remember that after the annual subscription expired,

he or she cannot use JAWS without paying for renewal. There are pros and
cons of annual subs versus the SMA. If you still wish to run JAWS without
worring about expired date then go for SMA. But if you are fine to renew
each time then go for annual subs.

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I'll tell you that the best is to go the Annual Online Renewal and jump
right up to the 2021. If the individual goes with the SMA Service
Maintaineance Agreement he will have to pay for all the years skipped and
that is just not worth it any more for his situation. With the online portal

he can then buy a multiple year subscription for either 1, 2, 3, or 5

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Looking for Info to Help a Friend Upgrade JFW

Hi, Guys.
A friend wants to upgrade from JFW2018 to JFW2021 and asked me about the
different radio button options for payment that came up when he tried to
upgrade. Where should I look on FS/Vespero's website to understand
payment/plan options?


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