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Show virtual buffer is not the same thing as visual tracking, the settings
category Brian is talking about. According to JAWS manual (2021), you must
be running Windows 8.1 or 10 to use this feature, and theoretically you can
configure visual tracking for virtual PC cursor and/or touch cursor. Also,
try with default settings loaded (open Settings Center, then press
Control+Shift+D to select default.jcf (default settings)), then configure
options and restart JAWS.

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On the JAWS screen, go into the options/basics menu. There is a setting
"show virtual viewer on screen" which might be what you are looking for.

Good luck!
At 06:03 PM 5/7/2021, you wrote:
Hello All,I was working with a JAWS user remotely this evening and, as
is typical, JAWS was not set up by default to highlight on screen the
equivalent of where JAWS has focus in the Virtual Cursor. I went in
to Visual settings, but still couldn't make what happens with NVDA's
Focus Highlight, or similar, happen in JAWS 2021.It could be that JAWS
must be restarted, but it did not give me any indication of that when I
tweaked several settings. For those of us who have sight, this sort
of feature is a godsend when assisting, and particularly if we're doing
so remotely and cannot actually hear JAWS at all well during the
process. There's no issue when I'm doing the pointing and clicking,
but if I want the person I'm assisting to try something out, it really
helps me to be able to see exactly where they are and what has
focus.Any guidance is appreciated. (And let me tell you hiding these
settings under "Utilities"
in the JAWS menu structure made no sense to me!)--

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