moderated My first message using the Logitech K860 Keyboard.

Kevin Minor


I just got this keyboard delivered from Amazon today. This message is the first one I’ve typed with it, so I’m currently learning what I think. So far I like it, and I’m typing faster on it than on the K780. The design is a little different, but I’ll get used to that. The only thing that I wish was different is where the 6 is on the top row of numbers. I feel sort of like a contortionist to hit it. I’ve also learned the OFF switch is your friend. It prevents accidentally hitting a key that can make things very confusing. Let’s put it this way. I think I hit the Media key. If I did, I now know F4 is for the Calculator. Also, I needed eyes to get it paired. I don’t think DEVICE 1 works with Bluetooth, but all’s fine now. This keyboard is definitely larger than what I was using, but it’s sure nice to have the sixpack back again.


That’s all from me.


Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.


Kevin and Jilly

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