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David Diamond

I'd like to talk to one of those reps. I noted the requirements as outlined. It is find to say the person should be able to speak English. However, with some, you could speak English but, because English is not their first language, they are themselves, thinking in their native language and you could talk till the cows come home, they still don't understand you. Or, their accent is so strong, they are not understandable. This is not a racist comment either. Some whose first language is English, still do not have the comprehensive skills to be understood/understand what you are asking them. or, are just plain lazy. I think also, it is a buy-product of the virus. I asked a rep from a booking agency for something yesterday and, she made the sound of a horse and promptly disconnected the call. Honey, if you miss being around horses that much maybe you should return to the farm and stay off the phone lines. Stop inflating your qualifications. Then there was a website designer, whose grammatical and spelling mistakes in his email were so atrocious, I thought if he cares so little about mistakes in grammar or spelling, I don't want his help with building a website. I'd probably give him the text I wanted, and he'd butcher it.

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Nope!  3USD is roughly equivalent to 321 Indian Rupies.

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Interesting, I assume the $3 USD is $300?


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See the below email. This might be of interest.

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Hello dear visually impaired friends,
Greetings from vi tech world!
Technology is developing in various different fields.
But, the future of technology is going to depend on websites and web-based systems.
We, vi tech world is starting a training on fundamentals of web development and WordPress for visually impaired learners.
Web development is a most demanded topic in the tech market since 2011.
This training is fully beginner level, and 100% accessible for visually impaired candidates.
Anyone who has intermediate computer usage experience can join this course.
Note: no programming knowledge required.

Course details.
Name: fundamentals of web development and WordPress.
Start date for registration: May 6, 2021.
End date for registration: May 11, 2021.
Cost for the training: 3 USD or 221 INR.
Course duration: 20 days.

Concepts covered
1. Fundamentals of html.
2. Fundamentals of CSS
3. Structural designing of websites for beginners.
4. Basics of domain, hosting.
5. Localhost for development.
6. Hosting/ server management.
7. SSL and Cloudflare.
8. Introduction to PHP scripts and basic installation of WordPress.
9. Fundamental setup of WordPress.
10. Designing website interface.
11. WordPress themes and plugins.
12. Registering as a freelancer for online jobs on web development.
13. Conclusion.

Any visually impaired person that meets following criteria can join this training.
· Should be a visually impaired person
· Should understand English
· Should know at least basic computer skills and screen reader usage.
· Should have their own laptop/desktop with windows 10).
· Should have an active internet connection
· Should be able to give 1 hour time per day for the course.

For more info and registration, contact us:
Phone; +91 7593988738
WhatsApp: +918943031760

with best regards, Haroon kareem T.K

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