moderated Bluetooth Headset Not Reading First Dozen-or-so Characters or Line of Text

Ed Culpepper

Greetings – I have recently paired my Toorun M26 Blue Bluetooth headset with my HP laptop. I am running the latest Jaws 2021 and Windows 10 with all updates. When I attempt to read an e-mail message or text file, the first characters of a line of text or a whole line of text will not be read. Sometimes I can get the whole line to read through the headset if I press the up and down arrow keys to move off and back onto the line of text. I do not have this problem when using wired earbuds with the HP laptop. I have not been able to find any setting that has any effect on what is read with the Toorun M26 headset and Jaws 2021. I have not had any problems with the headset failing to provide audio output as expected with earbuds or headset.

Any suggestions for getting consistent reading from my headset/laptop combo?


J Edward Culpepper, PhD

Huntsville, Alabama


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