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I'm not yet either, but I think that the bluetooth ones especially will become usable like a credit card.
Plus, it's like owning real precious metals as apposed to gold or silver bonds.

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I am not convinced that you must use a hard-wallet.

The app can be problematic, so be aware of that.

Also, do not loose your seed words. You can get  another Ledger but you must have the seed words.

This choice is good as you are able to store manage multiple types of currency.




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As I start down the road of CryptoCurrencies, I've learned that folks need a hard wallet for keeping their Cryptos.

One I'm starting with looking at is the Nano S by Ledger.

I'm wondering if anyone has used any crypto wallet software with Jaws and if it works okay.

I don't want to drop 60 bucks on this thumb drive if the software for managing cryptos does not work with Jaws.


Thanks for any info on this, or related.



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