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Bill White

Hi, Alison. Edge seems to work a bit differently on different machines. Here's what I do to get to the settings in edge for downloads.

1. Open Edge.
2. Press ALT, followed by the letters F, then S for Settings.
3. If you have Forms mode set to automatic, press SHIFT plus TAB to get out of the search box. If you have forms mode set to Manual, skip step 3.
4. Press CONTROL plus HOME to get to the top of the Settings page.
5. Press the letter B until you hear JAWS say, Settings menu, button, menu, and press ENTER.
6. TAB once to reach the list of Settings Categories.
7. Arrow down to Downloads, and press ENTER.
8. If you want Edge to ask you each time where to save a download, uncheck the box which says, Ask me what to do with each download
9. Check the box that says, Show downloads menu when a download starts
10. Now, each time you download something with Edge by pressing ENTER on the Download link, you may just here silence, because Edge has changed, and JAWS won't read the download alert.
11. To get around this, Press CONTROL plus J to focus on the Downloads dialog.
12. TAB through the various questions, including, What do you want to do with "filename"?. TAB to Save As, and press ENTER.
13. Now you will be able to choose how you wish to name the file, as well as where you want it to go.
14. TAB some more, and you will see a Save button. Press ENTER, and you will immediately begin hearing the progress of your download.

If in step 8, you choose to have files always save to the downloads folder by unchecking the box which says, Ask me what to do with each download, all you need to do is to press ENTER on the download link, Press CONTROL plus J, and you will begin to hear the progress of your download without having to perform steps 12 through 14.

Bill White

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I am using the current version of Jaws
I would like to check the settings you mention, so could you tell me how to check that I have downloads set to ask me where I want to put the download each time and also ensure Edge shows me the download menu when the download starts?

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