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kevin meyers

I called Microsoft Accessibility and was told that last night. The woman I talked to said she had a possible way to fix it until the update comes out. She said she tried it with someone else and it worked. Yet she couldn’t get it to work for me. This is the woman with the roosters crowing in the back ground. I had this person twice.


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it's a known bug with jaws in Outlook. They're working on it. No idea when It will be fixed.

Randy Barnett

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Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Jaws2021 and Outlook 2016. Prior to today I was able to create an email and on the to line I could put a letter and when arrow down I would get a list of all email addresses I had sent an email to in the past. Today I don’t get the list. If I type in just a particular letter and tab it will fill in the first email address that was on the list. In order to get another email address that begins with a particular letter, I have to enter more letters. Yet I get the next closes match. I cannot arrow down to see all the choices. I did a repair on Jaws2021 and the problem still exists. Is there something that could be causing this problem?

Cheers, Kevin

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