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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

I think the reason for this is that Vocalizer is parsing by paragraph, or at least by sentence, where Eloquence is parsing by word.

If you are trying to get a more human sounding inflection, you have to know the context, or rather, the machine has to know the context.

I have not gotten into the weeds with all the schemes for the Say all etc., but it could be there is a scheme that changes that behavior.


This is just my theory on why you get different pronunciations, it is not authoritative at all.






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Subject: Re: Pronunciation changes in Vocalizer Expressive


Yes, I have often found that words are stated differently in “say All” as opposed to reading by word.  Vocalizer Expressive is the worst with this.




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Subject: Pronunciation changes in Vocalizer Expressive


Sometimes while reading a document, I notice that my Vocalizer Expressive voices have odd pronunciations for some common words. However, when I stop and use JAWS to hear the specific word pronounced alone, the pronunciation is correct.

I *don’t think it’s an artifact of my own organic language processing <g>.

Has anyone else had this experience?





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Yes You can    insert pictures from Powerpoint directly. To  do that, do the following steps. 

1. open PowerPoint and find a blank presentation. 

2.  Press Ault+N to  bring up the  insert menu. 

3. Press O to activate Online Pictures. 

4. Once you pressed O, you can type in the image you want. 

This is the quickest way to obtain images without going to IE or Chrome. 

I hope this helps

best regards 

michael Munn 

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