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I don't think you can import Jaws 15 settings into Jaws 2021 any more.


Also, this is strictly my opinion and my advice, I recommend you learn Windows 10 as it is without trying to make it behave like Windows 7. It really is not so much different and there are resources available. If you use something like Classic Shell there is always the risk that one day it will stop working and I find, for example, that Windows 10 is much more like Windows 7 than Windows 8 was. You have a comprehensive Settings app similar to what you have on a smartphone, but while certain things in my opinion are easier to access via Settings, there still is the familiar Control Panel as well as the device manager.


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Annabelle, just be sure to export your old Jaws settings so you can import them into the new Jaws.


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Is the latest version of JAWS similar to versions like JAWS 15? The reason why I ask this is because I'm getting a new computer to replace my old Dell. This one will have Windows 10, which I initially wasn't looking forward to, but I actually found out that you can make Windows 10 behave like prior versions, thanks to

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