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Steven Hicks

Yes, if you hold down the f1, f2 or f3 keys for about ten seconds, that should put the device in to pairing mode for that particular function key.

I Do find it quite fiddly and hit and miss so you may have to try a few times and also there is a code that appears that you need to type in, this screen is quite fiddly as well.



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I just held down the device key I wanted to use.

Note, if you use the USB dongle with a computer, that takes up device 1.

So you have 2 bluetooth devices still available, or don’t use the USB dongle and you have 3, of course.


I find Bluetooth and Windows is a combination best suited for people who like tech headaches.





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Subject: How do you pair the Logitech K860?




I’ll be getting one of these on May 14, and I was going to use it with my devices over Bluetooth. I was wondering how to put it in pairing mode? My guess is either press and hold one of the device selector keys, or press that in combination with the FN key.


Just curious.


Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.


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