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regarding "How do I keep numbers from being included in the
document when I hit the return key",

press Alt for the menu bar,
right arrow to and down arrow on Settings.
enter on Preferences, which should be already chosen.
you might land on a close button, so just shift+tab once.
down arrow to the Margins/Border/Edge category,
tab to Line Number Display check box and if it is checked, press spacebar to uncheck it.

incidentally, there is a setting to have line numbers or not when the document is printed.

shift+tab back to the categories,
down arrow to the print category,
tab to Print line number check box, and press spacebar to check or uncheck as desired.

navigate to and spacebar on the close button. I'm not sure if it is necessary, but it may also save the changes before closing the preferences dialog.

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From: leonard morris []
Subject: notepad++
Date: Monday, May 3, 2021, 12:31 PM
To: jaws <>
I am trying Notepad++ since Jarde isn't working with Jaws 2021. Freedom
said when I called they are working to fix Jarde's issues.

Anyway,   Well I am trying to use this program and I have a couple of
issues. You might be able to see one of my issues with this program
within this email. How, do I keep numbers from being included in the
document when I hit the return key.
Also, I do not get an alert to save or discard changes. What happens to
the file in this case?
Lastly, I thoght if after initially using custom install and
reinstalling the program using the minimum option the program would act
more like the native notepad program with perhaps a spellchecker
addition which I don't see here.

I have to revise one statement I made here. While, I do see the numbers
in the notepad text, when I copied and pasted the text in this email the
numbers don't show.


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