Re: Problem with read-by-line in Outlook 2007

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

It's what happens when you invoke a screen saver. As we deal with
sensitive data, we do an alt-ctrl-delete when we walk away; I guess I
should have used the word "lock" to describe the function.

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"Freeze the screen"? Please explain.

I don't like mysteries.

Dave Carlson
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After I sent this, I began to notice other problems, including the
reading of "Not Selected," something that I know was fixed in this
build. Moving around other apps showed other bizarre behavior,
especially with JAWS cursor. Most areas were blank. Before going into
full-scale panic, I decided to freeze the screen, as though I were going
on break, and then come right back in-all problems disappeared!


From: Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)
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To: 'The Jaws for Windows support list.'
Subject: Problem with read-by-line in Outlook 2007

This is new, and I figured I'd run it past you guys before calling IT
again! In looking at the various fields in 2007 (to, from, CC, Subject)
I cannot simply read the entire line, but must cursor around, requiring
several keystrokes, rather than just one. Attempts to read by line give
me only "blank"s. I'm using JFW, latest build, and win 7. As I said,
this is a new problem, and it applies to both read messages, and
messages I compose. The summaries look fine; problems begin when I


PS Hot dog! I can't spell check either-"not available" doesn't tell you

Ted Lisle, PH.D., Medicaid services Specialist; phone: (502) 564-2574, X
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