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Glenn / Lenny

The nice thing though about notepad++, which I don't know if Jart does, is
that you can search for \r and \n carriage return characters to remove
excess blank lines.
Sometimes when I convert a PDF, I get spaces of as many as 10 blank lines
throughout the document.
Plus, you can find and replace all documents within a folder with notepad++.
There's lots of other good features for using it.

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Jaws has a handy tool built-in that is much more like NotePad than NotePad++
which is way over the top for a basic text editor.
For me, using Jaws 2021 it is found in:
"C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2021\HJPAD.EXE"
If you like it, create a shortcut to it on your desktop.

It has a spell checker.

It amazes me that NotePad++ doesn't. A silly omission.

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I am trying Notepad++ since Jarde isn't working with Jaws 2021. Freedom said
when I called they are working to fix Jarde's issues.

Anyway, Well I am trying to use this program and I have a couple of issues.
You might be able to see one of my issues with this program within this
email. How, do I keep numbers from being included in the document when I hit
the return key.
Also, I do not get an alert to save or discard changes. What happens to the
file in this case?
Lastly, I thoght if after initially using custom install and reinstalling
the program using the minimum option the program would act more like the
native notepad program with perhaps a spellchecker addition which I don't
see here.

I have to revise one statement I made here. While, I do see the numbers in
the notepad text, when I copied and pasted the text in this email the
numbers don't show.

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