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There is no JAWS keystroke involved in reading that text. If you can read
the text on sheet1 with JAWS you should still be able to read the reference
text on sheet2. I think you need to enable reading formulas in JAWS to read

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Subject: reference function of Excel

Dear friends,

I am using jaws 12 and Excel 2003. When I use function of reference, I want
to read the texts appear on screen.

For example, in sheet1, cell b3 the text inside is “address”. I want the
text in cell b3 of sheet1 appears at cell f5 of sheet 2.
At cell f5, I type equal sign = then press ctrl+page up to sheet1. Then I
move arrow to b3. Jaws says sheet1!b3 but doesn’t say the text “address” in
b3. At that time, the text of sheet1 appears on cell f5 of sheet2. I can
read the text by invisible cursor.
My question is that if there is a keystroke for saying the text

Thank you very much and Best luck
Ngoc Ly
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