moderated Re: Can I create email contact groups in Thunderbird?

Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...>

you can try asking on the Thunderbird list.

Randy Barnett

On May 1, 2021, at 6:59 PM, Marty Hutchings <mhutchings152730@...> wrote:

NVDA seems to do the same thing for me as JAWS.  Aren't there any scripts for Thunderbird?

On 5/1/2021 7:52 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

I can't speak to what JAWS does or does not announce, but I can enter addresses in the mailing list one at a time using NVDA, and they will be announced if I jump back/up one item in the list after completing it.  These entries are combo boxes so you have to complete them, go to the next one, and go back to consistently get them to announce.

I cannot explain (or successfully accomplish) a drag with hover and drop with a screen reader.  Perhaps someone else can.  I have never had much luck with drag and drop using screen reader emulation regardless of the screen reader.  I don't even have a lot of luck with emulated left and right click working as "the real mouse button" for each does.

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