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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

You simply type whatever it is you want to calculate, e.g. 123*12, press enter and the result, 1476, is spoken.

You can also add a percentage to a figure, say you have a 7% sales tax where you live and you buy something for $32.50 and you want to know how much it is with the tax added.

Just type 32.5+7%, as soon as you type the % symbol which is Shift + 5 on the number row, you hear 2.275 which is what 7% on $32.50 is, then press enter and you hear the final result, 34.775

It really is pretty simple, use the standard symbols like + - * and / to add, subtract, multiply or divide, enter always gives you the result and escape clears what you just typed.


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Subject: JAWS and calculator


Hi all,


I understand this question is too simple for you all, but I would need instructions how to use calculator with JAWS for simple calculations. I am using latest JAWS and Windows 10.




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