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I'm somewhat in between you and that first friend of yours, I wait a few weeks to a couple months depending on how things seem to be going on the lists! (another good reason for being on them, smile) then decide on what is being said as to when to install.

I also always have the last prior well working edition installed as well as the current, in fact I am using J11 right now, while there still floundering around with 12!

the base ball thing, I think its more of a website access issue, and the fact that it was working and is not now, which, though it's not jaws at fault for the site change... it still needs to be able to handle such sites as well as all the other types.

talk to you again soon (wiping sweat off my brow) the heat hasn't given up so, here I soggaly sit!


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Research it ,A friend in Uk says if fs is using any partof his licence
to spend on baseball results, it is a disgrace even if eric damery is a fan.
This friend has bought jaws 12, and in fact like me paid for Jaws 13, but
his copy of jaws 12 is still in his desk draw, he has sighted family 2 grown
sons but, will never put on any upgrade till it has spent a year in his draw
whilst"fs deal with the bugs Well I put it on at once always living in
hoep, I told friend the move was in fact to Canada,he said it must have been
a really big job for the moderator and shame on those who had hysterical
fits and threatened the list with Spam! Dorothy

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