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Adrian Spratt


The former personalized settings function either doesn't apply to JAWS 13 or
works differently. As you know, to personalize settings in the JAWS
adjustment dialogue, you used to add shift to the command.

However, JAWS automatically provides settings that are personal, or more
accurately specific, to individual Web pages. For example, it used to be
that when you entered a search term in the JAWS find function, it was
remembered as the default wherever you were on the Internet until you typed
in a new search term. Now when you type a search term in IE (I haven't used
Firefox enough to be sure), it is remembered only for the page you're on and
other pages in the same domain. This is true even days and many reboots

Which personalized settings do you want to undo? I'm curious how you're
experiencing them in JAWS 13.

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How do I do this in Jaws 13? I don't see a clear settings control like
they used to have. I guess I have to delete the .jsi file in
PersonalizedSettings folder, but Jaws help doesn't say.


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