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Edward Green

Hi Mike,

First things first, I’d get the password by going to, entering in your wife’s email address and choosing "forgot password".

If Facebook logs you in automatically and you don’t want the bother of logging yourself out to do this, just start a private browser window first - this is normally shift+control+n.



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Hi All,
I have a rather different problem with Facebook.  My wife's sister / my sister-in-law used my wife's email address to open a Facebook account a few years ago.  She claims she didn't , but it was too damn obvious, and we proved her lieing ass wrong.  Well, she doesn't know the password she used and I'm damn tired of creating message rules blocking this crap at the server.
Can anyone tell me a way to remove a Facebook account, especially when it's been created fraudulently and without having a password?
Other than what I just told y'all, this is the only information I have for what criteria was used to create the Facebook account.
All help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks mooy moocho.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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Using Google Chrome, I go to and log in.  When I go to the
top of my page Jaws will say "Facebook".  I arrow down one time and Jaws
will say "switch to the regular mobile site".  If I'm on the regular site
Jaws will say something like "switch to the basic mobile site".  That is
where you press enter to make that change.  I've never switched back to the
regular site because it is so difficult to navigate.  What I use now is very
accessible and easy to use ...... Much like it was before Internet Explorer
no longer worked with Facebook.  Hope this helps.



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On mbasic.facebook, or m.facebook, or  They are all different.
At 01:39 PM 4/28/2021, you wrote:
>Go to that person's page.  Not far from the bottom of their page there
>are options to unfriend, block, etc.
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>How do I unfriend a person on

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