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Joseph Norton

Hi Bill:


No, I did get the note, and I am glad you told me what I could do, just in case I had no solution.  However, it didn’t actually answer my question.  I am well aware of the CTRL+J thing, but, what I wanted to know was why the alerts stopped being spoken.  As you can see, this was adequately answered by someone at Vispero who told me about the change, which none of you, were aware of, apparently.  Please understand, this is no reflection of any of you folks.  When something on my computer suddenly stops working as I am used to, I go and investigate the issue.  I try to fix it, and I investigate what is happening, and, I ask questions, until I figure out why things have changed.  I even restored my Windows backup, to see if Edge had changed, and, that’s what I concluded, since, after an update, the alerts stopped being spoken by JAWS.  Edge updates itself, and you may or may not know it when it happens.  Vispero just confirmed what I suspected and explained the change in more detail.


Thanks again.


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Hi, Joseph. I don't know if you got my email the other day in which I stated that if you press CONTROL plus J, the alerts will begin voicing immediately, as soon as you press CONTROL plus J. You don't even need to find the file being downloaded.


Bill White




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Hi again listers:


Well, I found out what was wrong with the download alerts in Edge.

I'm always worried I hit something and messed things up, but, it was

not so.  Here's a message I just got from Vispero support:


Hello Joseph:

Microsoft updated Edge. They changed the location of the download

alert from the lower left of the screen  to the upper right. You can

still access the download info by pressing control j for the downloads

folder then tab to your current download in the list. Development is

awear of the issue.







Hope this helps.


On 4/25/21, Bill White <billwhite92701@...> wrote:

> Hi again, Joseph. If you want to hear Edge alerts for downloads, once you

> have pressed ENTER on a download link, press CONTROL plus J to take you to

> the downloads section. After you have pressed CONTROL plus J, you will once

> again hear your download alerts.

> Bill White

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> Subject: Download alerts with Edge

> Hi all:

> I have the latest JAWS and my Windows 10 updates are current.

> When I run Edge, and I download a file, JAWS now does not repeat download

> status.

> In the past, this has been annoying, at times, because those alerts

> interrupt any other speech.  But, it am now unaware if/when a download

> finishes.

> I found that the alerts are still spoken with Chrome.

> Anyone else have this problem?

> Thanks!

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