moderated Question about outlook title bar

Albert Cutolo

Good afternoon everyone,  I’m writing this question too all of you that are on list,  Because I’ve noticed the following.  It seems that when I go to the title bar for outlook for office 365 and read the title too see if the outlook window is maximized,  It just says outlook untitled.  It doesn’t give you any indication as to whether or not, that the outlook window is indeed,  maximized.


Also, when I go to the outlook properties icon that is on my desktop, and tab to where it gives you the option to run the  outlook window to a maximized state, when I attempt to too the okay button, it tells me that I need to have administrative privileges to perform this action.  When I called to ask the jaws tech who answered the phone call, I was told that I would have to call the Microsoft disability answer desk too solve this problem.  Do any of you might have  answer or suggestion about this? 


Thanks in advance,  Al 



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